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BOND Taps Telzio to Better Client Communications

December 31, 2014

Marketing is all about communication. Not only does it require an astute marketer to be able to readily communicate with a client company, to determine said client's needs in the best fashion possible, but it also requires the marketer to communicate with the client company's target market, so as not to lose the message and get the best chance of a positive response. To aid in that, BOND—a marketing agency already famous for a great many reasons—has turned to Telzio and its voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone system to help provide the level of communication necessary to yield the best results.

BOND is already well-known in Hollywood circles, having recently done marketing work for the Batman line, as well as for HBO, “The Simpsons”, and the upcoming “Jurassic World” movie. With that kind of client list under its belt, it's clear that BOND wants the best in communications to ensure that it can maintain the best, and continue to add to the roster. BOND previously had one VoIP provider in place, but reports suggest that said firm wasn't up to the task of supplying the kind of quality and capability BOND so needed. But Telzio, meanwhile, reportedly made its case clear with illustrations of call quality, as well as usability and cost.

Indeed, further reports from Telzio's CEO Diana Chu pointed out that Telzio was able to cut BOND's monthly costs by better than 90 percent, a huge step down in price, that was mostly accomplished by cutting out user fees. BOND was previously paying for over 30 separate user fees, but Telzio offered connections at no per-user rates. BOND, meanwhile, could readily add new users to the system via a simple website link back to Telzio. With several self-service features on hand, it's not just adding new users that's available, but also new phone numbers and even new features, allowing BOND—and anyone else who selects Telzio for service—to scale up or down as needed in rapid fashion.

There are a lot of voice service providers out there, and each seems to offer a little something different. But in Telzio's case, it's clear what kind of a value proposition it's got on offer. After all, easy scalability coupled with great voice quality and all for greatly reduced prices is a hard proposition to pass up. It's a great explanation of why BOND went with Telzio, and may well be just as good an explanation as to why others may well go with Telzio as well. Voice service is a competitive advantage, both for those who use it and those who offer it, and Telzio may be able to show a real edge in the field.

With so many firms in the market when it comes to voice service, it's easy to see where some firms would fail, and others succeed. Telzio, meanwhile, is showing us a great example of a firm likely to win, particularly in the long term. With so many options available to those who work with the company, the end result should prove to be a terrific one for those who turn to Telzio for VoIP service, thanks to its sheer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality of service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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