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Yealink Going for the VoIP Market's Brass Ring

August 29, 2014

There's always something to be said for ambition, particularly when that ambition is large in scale. Yealink (News - Alert) appears to have just such an ambition in mind, targeting nothing less than “the epicenter of the global VoIP market,” as Yealink CEO David Chen put it. So what does Yealink have in mind to tackle such a large-scale undertaking? The answer will likely prove surprising.

The answer to the question is actually found right in Yealink's name. Yealink, in Chinese, reportedly means to link billions of users together in a bid to allow said billions to get the most out of business telecommunications. In a bid to live up to that name, Yealink has established new partnerships, like a recent one with Connector Systems to bring its line of IP phones to New Zealand markets, a move that will go quite a way in helping to connect those billions.

But the Connector Systems partnership isn't the end of the Yealink connection, but rather only the beginning. The company was founded fully 12 years ago, and in those 12 years, has grown to be one of the top five session initiation protocol (SIP) phone providers on Earth. For his part, Chen has been surprised by just one thing: the sheer rapidity of Yealink's climb to the upper levels of the market. But even Chen can offer explanation as to what's driving Yealink's climb: a particular focus on innovation and product promotion over profitability.

Chen further elaborated on the importance of innovation and promotion with some remarks, saying, “Innovation is vital for an IT company like Yealink. The ultimate goal of innovation is to be able to make sharp and accurate responses to market requests to achieve the best possible cost-effectiveness ratio.” 

Not that profitability isn't important in the short term, of course; short-term profitability builds cash flow, and that keeps a business operating. Here, Chen appears to be taking a long-term view of the concept, believing that investment today is likely to yield more profit down the line than focusing mainly on profit today. That kind of long-term view isn't often seen these days, and is particularly refreshing. It's the kind of view that fosters long-term relationships with clients, such that when clients have needs in the future, that business is the first name that comes to mind. When businesses need communications tools in the future, likely one of the first places that will come to mind is Yealink, as it works to develop its product lines and make it clear just how those products can help everyday operations grow and flourish.

When the benefits are mutual, it's hard not to stay in a relationship, and any company that takes the long-term approach as seriously as Yealink does deserves to maintain long-term relationships that are profitable for all concerned. Truly, Yealink lives up to its name and the definition therein, offering a great way for billions to stay connected.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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