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Recruitment Agencies Step up Their Game with IP Telephony?

August 22, 2014

IP voice installations are on the rise as VoIP offers more advanced features than traditional phone systems. An IP phone system is simple to integrate with CRM voice applications, as it can greatly enhance the ability of businesses to exchange phone messages that are routed over the Web or LAN. SIP protocols enable employees to operate more efficiently over an IP network, instead of the traditional PSTN, by using simple software-based softphones or purpose-built hardware devices used as PoE/USB VoIP phones to communicate.

One of the many functions available to VoIP phone users is multiparty conference calls; participants using an IP phone can exchange voice over the Internet in the form of SIP trunks. Basic analog and proprietary digital phones are giving way to standards-based IP phones with native support for true multi-party conferences (not just basic three-way calling). Multi-party conferencing has become a standard feature that has lately become a staple in many different industries. 

As noted the principal magazine for the UK recruitment profession, Recruiter, in a post on Monday of this week, IP telephony offers the essential tools needed for effective communication, both in and out of the office. In the office it works through hardware-based IP phone systems or even basic hosted VoIP services; out of the office, instead, entails an organization’s move to the cloud. IP's cloud phone systems eliminate the need for an on premise solution; it helps a company become more efficient, more mobile and more productive through easier collaboration.

A fully managed hosted IP telephony system or cloud-based voice over IP that has no dependence on a physical PBX (News - Alert) can be a reliable alternative to on-premises phone systems. It is apt to remove many of the traditional logistical challenges associated with managing the infrastructure; scaling up and down, for example. Yet, offers a flexible option to add/remove phone extensions, as needed, and provides fully featured systems that become deployable in just minutes.

A hosted managed IP telephony service that requires no need to invest in an onsite telephone system provides recruitment agencies with a plethora of communications tools that they can use to good effect for recruitment consultants. Hosted telephony is obviously becoming the norm rapidly. It increases productivity and can potentially reduce overall IT expense. Recruitment companies can also access features that allow them to enable consultants to operate and record calls and instantly retrieve them any time; employees can keep accurate archives of enquiries and preliminary interviews with candidates. As well, the system can enhance the productivity of consultants thanks to the use of management portals that can be accessed from any location, the post explains.

Employing IP telephony and a hosted deployment is a smarter, timelier, and more cost-effective approach for recruitment agency to carry out activities like call logging and call recording. A hosted system will provide all the features of ‘on premise’ systems, and more. It is a solution for transparency and data control; yet, it is a means to save time and have employers reach and track good candidates, as needed. Thanks to the ability to store and retrieve calls and information, consultants can have a better view of candidates and prospects compared to when using a static database, as the post points out. 

Edited by Alisen Downey
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