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Yealink's SIP-T48G Line Clears New Compatibility Hurdles

June 26, 2014

When it comes to most any piece of hardware that a business depends on—be it a computer, mobile device, or IP phone—one of the biggest issues is whether or not the new device will work with the systems that the office already has in place. For those looking for new IP phones, Yealink has some good news for potential users: its SIP-T48G line has recently cleared a new set of compatibility tests, bringing a new set of features to a market that can always use a little extra capability.

Specifically, Yealink (News - Alert)'s SIP-T48G line has cleared SP 6 compatibility testing, which means said devices can be used with the 3CX Phone System 12 system. This successful testing means that the SIP-T48G line can bring in a variety of new features, including access to a new breed of management console, session border controller (SBC) functionality, and even the ability to bring in clientless meetings backed up by Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) technology.

With a new Web interface, bringing in new service pack updates and edit templates is simpler and faster than was seen with previous versions, allowing businesses to do more in less time instead of having to focus much of a day's work on just updating phone equipment. The SIP-T48G also gets some updated firmware to further augment its systems.

Better yet, though, thanks to the new compatibility, the SIP-T48G can also bring in 3CX WebMeeting, which allows for Web-based conferencing that doesn't need things like Flash, Java and assorted plug-ins to work as it works on a clientless basis. That opens up a set of new features as well, like screen sharing, co-browsing, and the means to offer feedback on calls, making it a terrific training tool for new sales reps. Meanwhile, the phone itself offers a seven inch color touchscreen for both display and control, as well as support for HD audio.

This combination of quality hardware backed up by powerful software allows the SIP-T48G to serve well in just about any size office that deals in most any breed of calling. Whether the phones will be aggressively outbound directed to attempt to tackle new customers, or inwardly directed to establish internal communication and collaboration methods, the end result should prove a positive one long term. We all know the value of proper communication and collaboration tools, especially as the remote workforce starts to come into its own, so using the SIP-T48G as an internal tool should prove valuable on that front. But we also know how important communication is in trying to develop new business or maintain current customers, so the SIP-T48G can serve as a valuable help on that front as well.

While the SIP-T48G may not be what every office needs in order to carry out the necessary communications functions, it's certainly a great place to start looking should it be time to consider upgrades. It's simply got too many valuable functions and uses to turn away out of hand.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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