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How IP Phones Help You Go Green

March 04, 2014

Has your company gone green? Is it a commitment for you moving forward? For a number of organizations, there’s a renewed focus on enabling greener technologies, as long as it’s easy on the budget. Fortunately, when it comes to communications, going green also means cutting costs.

A recent Sys-Con post highlights how IP telephony and your IP phones can play a part in your commitment to going green. If your strategy includes unified communications, you can choose from cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions that tie directly into your data center investments. Each can provide the foundation you need for video conferencing, collaborative applications, IP telephony and even enterprise mobility.

One of the perks to IP telephony is the ability to reduce the hardware needed to stay connected. Your IP phones can serve as the baseline communication device for all channels, allowing you to reduce your overall investment and minimize the equipment you have to have on hand. At the same time, vendors are coming to market with hybrid private brand exchange systems to support next generation IP solutions without the need to rip and replace current deployments.  

And, aside from the green benefits, unified communications solutions can also help you to increase productivity, provide more flexibility for your employees and enable a faster response time for information. Yet one of the major growth drivers for IP telephony is the increased deployment of data centers. Companies like yours now have access to greater technology and can leverage the virtues of the data center to advance unified communications perks, like call recording and data mining for business intelligence.

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The mere use of bigger and better data centers is not enough, however. Robust technological advancements in design and increased performance means companies are getting more out of their data center investments. They can also better manage airflow, reduce the need for cooling solutions and reduce the overall cost of operation as they work toward a greener way of doing business.

Essentially, whether it’s communications or data management, companies throughout the world are looking at efficiency not first as a green benefit, but instead as a cost saving mechanism. As the green advantages emerge, the company is then perfectly situated to promote that concept as a strong market positive and ride the waves of attention thereafter. The end result, regardless of the method of operation, includes reduced overhead, improved efficiencies and better communications. 

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